New Generation of ZELIN Public Toilets

Technology at the service of comfort.


The modern materials facilitate the creation of the new generation of ZELIN urban public toilets , designed for a high-frequency of use, with a more welcoming and pleasing aesthetic, adding comfort and greater functionality for the users.


Interior spaces adapted for the disabled, with practical and light colours to create a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere, rather than industrial or claustrophobic.


Well-lit and with no bad smells or temperatures, using naval type linoleum non-slip floors and the perimeter of the toilet bowl always dry to avoid undesirable wettings.

Zelin Toilets

Optimized Structural Behaviour

The structure of self-supporting panels, the metals rationalization and the use of fire-resistant high-performance composites makes the ZELIN self-cleaning public toilet a sustainable product with the suitable weight for modern urban locations, of high durability and mechanical strength, offering excellent resistance to both corrosion and degradation.

Fire-Resistant High-Performance Composites

Special applications

It is a synthetic material of high dimensional stability, usually used in applications that demand high performances: aeronautic and aerospace industry, military vehicles, high-speed rail transport, low-speed rail transport, wind turbines, singular constructions, etc.

Hygiene and cleaning

Its antiseptic properties, its ease of cleaning and disinfection also allow its utilization in the medical and hospital equipment, where the hygiene and the bacterial control are essential.

With the passage of time

Its surface is inalterable and neither is attacked by disinfectants or different categories of sterilizers or with any type of pH.

ZELIN Toilet

Why an oblong cabin?

Modern architecture

The new proposals avoid the hardness of straight lines, preferring the curves for its harmony, elegance and flexibility.

The curved buildings closers us to the nature

They suggest warmth and comfort and are able to camouflage in any urban environment. On the other hand, the angular buildings contrast with the nature and they are kept separated and detached.

On this basis, Zelin has designed an oblong cabin more natural, achieving a warm and comfortable environment, no claustrophobic, that transmits familiarity and security to users.

Innovative Construction System

Functional Units

Zelin develops toilets taking into account the possibility to make its local integration in several countries.

It is formed by a set or KIT of 35 functional units, each of them with the suitable weight to make easier their handling and assembly on site, with only two persons.

This constructive solution allows, optimizing the logistics, improving delivery times and counting on the presence of a local partner who has the technical ability and the enough training to offer a good after-sale service and quickly response to incidents.

Aseo Zelin

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