General characteristics


Oblong cabin for mixed use of 2600mm high x 2600mm wide x 4200mm long, anti-vandalism and adapted for the disabled,with a 1800mm turning diameter to comply with the European Ruling on Accessibility regulations.


The structure of self-supporting panels of fire-resistant high-performance composites, with galvanised steel and thermal insulation.
Cover and interior roof of fire-resistance high-performance composites, with fixed skylight type bivalve of 430 x 430 mm and lacquered aluminium internal hinged hatches for ease maintenance.


Armoured and hinged access door (950mm free passage) of fire-resistant high-performance composites, with galvanised steel frame interior and automatic closing.


Naval type flooring of linoleum non-slip (in wet and dry) and drainage system of stainless AISI 304 stainless steel.


Technical room with interior access by a hidden swing compact laminate HPL panel door, provided with electrical outlet and a tap to facilitate clean-up and maintenance operations.


Different options of exterior and interior finishing, lacquered, with anti-graffiti protection, resistance to UV and decorative vinyls.


Approximate net weight of 1300 Kilos suitable for its installation over practicable cover.

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