• Self-Cleaning Public Toilets
    for Urban Environments
Aseo Zelin

New Generation
of ZELIN public Toilets

Technology at the service of comfort

Light and practical colours to create a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere, rather than industrial or claustrophobic.

Optimised structural behaviour

Toilets with the suitable weight for modern urban locations, high durability and mechanical strength.

Fire-resistant high performance Composites

Synthetic material of high dimensional stability, often used in applications that require high performance.

A more natural oblong cabin

A design to avoid the contrast and camouflage better into any urban environment.

Innovative Construction System

Developed as a KIT of 35 functional units to optimize the logistics and facilitate its assembly on site.

ZELIN Public Toilets: More Comfortable, better lit

Without bad smells, modern and functional. Self-cleaning toilets for mixed use, all the facilities for the disabled, with a 1800mm turning radius and interior space in practical and light colours.

Aseo autolimpiable Zelin

Different options of exterior and interior finishing

Oblong anti-vandalism cabin, lacquered in various colours. Anti-graffiti protection and UV rays resistant. Warm, light and decorated interior spaces designed to avoid the usual feeling of confinement.

More Information for City Councils and Municipal Corporations

The Urban dynamism does not stop

The City Councils know first-hand the requirements of their citizens and works to offer better services.

The use of the technology and the security are becoming more important every day.

The urban furniture can’t fall behind. It should update his products and provide innovative, profitable and lasting solutions.

With this premises, the companies Polikea and Colway have created ZELIN 2017 SL.

Middle city example


Founded in 1980, is a specialized company in the use of different composites. It manufactures structural elements and equipment for the railway and marine sector besides various products for the urban furniture.

Composite applied to architecture


Founded in 2010, is an international specialist in interior design. Makes conceptual designs, detailed engineering and equipment development for passenger transport.

Engineering and interior design in the railway sector.

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